Monday, May 5, 2008

What I'm working on...

I just started working on 100 sketch cards for the Heroes Volume 2 trading card set for Topps. It took a while for NBC to approve my work for some reason, and therefore I'm about a month late getting started on these. I'm also way behind on commissions, so I am not going to be accepting any new commissions for a while. If anyone reading this is waiting for art from me... soon! I promise.




Michael Bridges said...

Hi Randy, I really like your work. I wanted to ask how does an artist apply to do sketch cards for Topps.

Randy Siplon said...

Thanks, Michael. All I did was email the Topps support email on their website and addressed the email to be forwarded to the Topps sketch card editor and within 24 hours I heard back and I started my sketch card career with Topps.

The email address I used was customer relations at:

I hope this helps.