Sunday, March 30, 2008

Full Time Freelance!

So, in an act of foolish defiance I went and quit my day job so I could focus on being an artist. Stuff was just piling up on me (Indiana Jones 4 sketch cards), and something had to give. My art is more important in the long run, so hopefully everything will work out. Now that I have no guaranteed income I will of course be pimping more art on eBay, and will have more time for commissions. Please check the link below if interested in purchasing some art.

I am still doing privately commissioned sketch cards for anyone interested. Unfortunately I'm forced to raise my rates to $25 for b/w, and $45 for full color. These prices include shipping ($5 extra for international orders). All sketch cards are done on 110 lb. card stock, traditional trading card size 2.5"x3.5". Paypal preferred. Contact me for details.

- Randy

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