Thursday, November 19, 2009

Heroes Ending?

Rumor has it this is the last season of heroes because NBC is going to pull the plug due to poor ratings. This makes me kind of sad because I think this season is kind of interesting. Hopefully they will give the show another chance, or at least end it with a bang.


Ethrendil said...

I haven't watch Heroes in a few years... I keep wanting to get back into it, but something comes up... Figures they cancel it once it gets good again.

chumpmonkey said...

i wouldn't worry about it too much. this season may be interesting so far, but every season has started off strong. i'm sure it will start disappointing you again by the halfway point, and by season's end, you won't be so sad to see it go anymore.

anyway, nice artwork around here. reminds me of some of the classic movie posters. drew whatsisname and that kind of thing.

Randy Siplon said...

Yeah, season 2 really killed the show's popularity, and it just never seemed to recover. As long as they wrap things up nicely I'll actually be happy seeing it end. It's not THAT good. lol